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Top 5 Medical Dramas You Will Never Get Sick Of

There’s often the misconception that doctors and nurses have no life but they do get involved in many things outside of the hospital too. Yes, they do have friends, family members and even lovers to spend time with.

On top of being extremely intelligent, diligent and dedicated to saving lives, they have to balance out having a healthy lifestyle of their own too.

Follow these medical experts in their adventures through these amazing dramas offered on tonton today.

1. A Poem a Day

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The medical field is very complex and massive. Not everyone in the medical field are doctors. There are also therapists, nurses, radiographers and more.

Follow a group of therapists in their daily struggle to achieving great careers and dreams.


2. Kill Me, Heal Me

Psychiatry and psychology is a form medicine too in case any of you want to argue. Mental illnesses are no joke because they can seriously affect our daily lives.

It is pretty obvious that Cha Do Hyun goes through some extremely painful and difficult situations due to his multiple personality disorder. See how he solves this problem along with the help of psychiatrist Oh Ri Jin.


3. Descendants of the Sun

This medical drama is set in a place that is pretty different from the rest of the dramas. Located in a war zone called Uruk, Doctor Kang Mo Yeon ventures into tougher situations to challenge her own skills.

Meanwhile, there’s also Yoo Shi Jin’s presence which makes Mo Yeon’s life a little more difficult too as she tries her best to remain professional around him.


4. Cross

If you prefer a bit more mystery with your medical drama, then you should totally follow Cross.

Kang In Kyu’s father was brutally murdered many years ago and he wanted to take revenge on those people. To execute his plans, he becomes a doctor and volunteers at a prison medical office where the murderer is imprisoned.


5. Pulse of Life

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Sometimes, a doctor’s sacrifice is more than just their time and energy. Some doctors who are so devoted to saving lives even give up their own organs for others.

The competition gets pretty tough too when doctors try to steal each other’s limelight. Follow this local drama for an epic journey through the medical field.


These shows are really interesting and we can see that a doctor’s life isn’t so easy after all. Though they are just fictional series, we can always try and understand our busy doctors’ lives just a little bit better.

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