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TWICE Will Be Showing Their World Tour in Cinemas Soon

There aren’t many KPOP idols whom have made it to the big screen as themselves. Usually, they’re playing a character in a fictional story.

However, TWICE will be premiering their first film on the silver screens this year!

The reel that audiences can enjoy is TWICE’s very own world tour, Twiceland Zone 2: Fantasy Park, as though you are sitting right in one of those concerts, Allkpop reported.

Additionally, there will be behind-the-scene footage as well so everyone can see what the girls go through in their concerts and also what they do when they’re in a foreign city.

Some of their stops include Singapore, Thailand, Jakarta and more. Unfortunately, Kuala Lumpur isn’t part of the tour since they cancelled their concert here.

No specific date is set yet for the release of this ‘movie’, but it is confirmed for sometime this year. Obviously, it will be premiered in South Korea first in CGV cinemas.

Hopefully they bring it over to Malaysia so that we can enjoy the concert like it’s real.

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以我国国宝拿督威拉李宗伟自传《Lee Chong Wei》改编的同名电影将于3月15日全马上映;日前一众演员Tosh曾冠源、Ashley潘思慧、Agnes林莉帏、王骏、曾潍山以及甘家祺齐亮相于首要媒体集团农历新年门户开放。

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Binge-Watch JinnyBoy’s Latest 4-Episode Series on tonton!

The love story is modern and maybe a tad bit cynical.

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