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What Do You Do When You Chance Upon Stray Animals? Here are Some Tips

Are you a fan of animals? What can you do if you found a dog or a cat roaming around?

Here are some tips you can follow to ensure you’re giving the optimum help for those little furry animals.

1. Look for its owner and take it to the vet

You’ve found an abandoned dog and you’re unsure if it’s a stray or if it belongs to someone. The best thing to do is to attempt to look for its owner first before making a decision.

When you’ve finally come to a conclusion that the owner is nowhere in sight, then our little furry friend needs your help – so pay the vet a visit!


2. Clean em’ up!

Your new furry friend has been wandering around for days, maybe weeks, and has been picking up unwanted parasites.

He’s probably in serious need of a squeaky clean shower so give him a good one. Amanda always makes sure she gives her animals a good scrub!


3. Providing a safe environment

An abandoned dog will most certainly be hungry so letting him know that you’re there to feed him may offer a sense of comfort and security.

However, due to unfamiliarity he may not know if you’re there to take care of him hence, providing them with a place to sleep can let them know that you mean no harm.


4. Dogs need emotional support too!

Give your new friend some love and playtime while also establishing routines for your dog such as playtime, feed time and walk time – three ultimate favourites for these little beings!

Also, like Amanda, take the time to self-educate about how to train dogs – it may take some time but it’ll all be worth it in the end.


5. Take pride and give only love

Last but definitely not the least – remember to celebrate the fact that you just gave an abandoned animal a second chance at life.

If it weren’t for you, this poor little dog would have been wandering around aimlessly and starving because while we have organisations like SPCA to lend a big helping hand, most of the time they’re full and don’t have enough funds.

So why not adopt the little creatures or even better – donate to SPCA this Christmas!


Amanda To The Rescue

Taking care and ownership of an abandoned – or even a stray – animal is a big commitment.

Take it from Amanda Giese who knows how challenging and sad it can be to take care of a neglected animal but she also understands that having a big heart is more important.

Whether you’re a veteran at animal rescue or new to this, Animal Planet has just the show for you – Amanda To The Rescue is premiering its brand new series dedicated to following Amanda and her family as they advocate for all animals and become a much-needed voice for animals in need.

Amanda To The Rescue will be premiering on Animal Planet every Tuesday at 9.55pm.

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