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10 Male Korean Artists Who are Shorter Than 170cm

Society has its ability to make people believe in things that are usually negative. For example, ladies must be thin while the guys must be tall.

However, here’s a list of 10 artists who are shorter than 170cm but definitely have much greater qualities than just their height.

10. PENTAGON’s Jinho – 168cm

Jinho may be the older member of PENTAGON but he’s also the shortest and also dubbed the cutest by the members.

He is multi-talented too being able to hit those crazy high notes and also being able to rap.


9. HOTSHOT / JBJ’s Noh Taehyun – 168cm

Taehyun debuted in HOTSHOT in 2014 but decided to join the 2nd season of survival TV show Produce 101 in 2017. Although he was eliminated from the show, he was able to join the fan-created band called JBJ.

The contract lasted for only 5 months starting on October 18, 2017 and they officially disbanded on April 30th, 2018. Taehyun then continued promoting with HOTSHOT.

Obviously, his height is an underestimate of the amount of talent he has.


8. HOTSHOT / Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon – 168cm

Like Taehyun, Sungwoon also joined Produce 101 Season 2 but he came out on the 11th spot which allowed him to debut in Wanna One.

Wanna One has been a major hit with concert tickets across multiple Asian cities selling out almost instantly. Though Wanna One’s contract will be ending in December 2018, a lot of people are petitioning for the band to stay together.

Clearly Sungwoon is much loved and his height isn’t even considered by fans.


7. JMVOK – 168cm

Jang Moon Bok, or better known by his stage name JMVOK, is a rapper with gorgeous long hair. Like the guys above, he also joined Produce 101 Season 2 where his following suddenly exploded.

Not many guys can pull off hair length like his and still look bad *ss at the same time. Clearly, his height is irrelevant in terms of cool he looks.


6. Block B’s Taeil – 167cm

Lee Taeil may be the shortest member in the whole of Block B, but he’s definitely filled with talent. His powerful voice has filled multiple stadiums and concert halls which gave fans goosebumps.


5. Stray Kids’ ChangBin – 167cm

Currently 19-years-old, Seo Chang Bin could potentially grow taller still but you absolutely can’t overlook his presence. With a charismatic and captivating looks, you definitely will notice him wherever.


4. UNB’s Feeldog – 167cm

Oh Kwang Suk, better known was Feeldog, is the leader, main rapper, main dancer and vocalist for UNB. This Busan man isn’t one to mess with either because you can just tell he’s one of those guys you’ll pay attention to when he speaks.


3. iKON’s Jay – 165cm

Do not mistake Kim Jin Hwan’s height and looks. One might think he’ll look super adorable, (I mean he is, but…) have you seen how sexy he looks too?!

In fact, he’s said to be the next Taeyang.


2. SEVENTEEN’s Woozi – 164cm

The oldest but also the shortest member of SEVENTEEN would be Lee Jihoon, or best known by his stage name Woozi. But you’d be surprised the moment he opens his mouth because his melodious voice is not only beautiful but truly strong too.


1. Dok2 – 160cm

Lee Joon Kyung is best known as Dok2 (pronounced Dokki), his stage name. He’s a South Korean, Spanish and Filipino mix, and he’s somehow related to Nicole Scherzinger!

When he was just 13-years-old, he signed on with a record label and started writing and producing songs for big-name Hip Hop artists.

Now, anyone knows his name, talents and abilities, and definitely do not underestimate him for his height.


If you think height is everything, think again. These guys may fall short on the height category but they make up greatly for their amazing looks and talents.

If you feel insecure about your own height, just remember that you’ve got something amazing in you too.

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