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16 Korean Idols Who are Making a Comeback in April

It’s spring time and that means countless comebacks once again. It is unclear as to why agencies always choose the month of April for their idols’ return to stage but it has become an annual event.

Of course, now that we have so many famous K-groups, it is hard to keep up with all the returning acts.

So, here’s a full list of all the idols who are making a comeback in April, 2018!

2nd April


Image via Allkpop

EXID released a few of teaser pictures on March 15th and they had all the fans hyped up! 

The teaser pictures features a Microsoft Windows 98 style error message stating: “Connecting F: to EXID_COMEBACK-20180402 Are you sure you want to continue?”

Yes, of course!



Image via Pinterest

Pentagon has released their teaser image and track list for their sixth mini album “Positive”!

According to Soompi, their mini album will include six tracks in total and apparently the members took part in the composition and lyrics writing.


Oh My Girl

Image via Soompi

Oh My Girl plans on a spring comeback and their company, WM Entertainment, confirmed on the date recently.

This upcoming release will be the group’s first after their success with Secret Garden in January.


April 3rd

The Boyz

Image via Soompi


April 4th


Image via Allkpop

YG Entertainment has confirmed that Winner will be making their official comeback on 4th April. Their last Korean release was almost seven months ago with Our Twenty For, so fans will be very keen to see what comes next!


April 6th


Image via kpop music


April 7th


Image via allkpop

UNB is the boys unit from idol rebooting program, ‘The Unit’ where the winners will get a chance to re-debut in the music programs! UNB will be debuting on April 7th as they had released all their teaser images and fans are all excited!


April 9th


Image via Soompi

Twice has confirmed their comeback on 9th April with their 5th mini album What is Love. The title song was composed by JYP himself too!

Besides, Twice also released the members’ teaser pictures for fans! Woohoo!


April 10th

HyungSeob X EuiWoong

Image via allkpop

The project duo’s comeback this time will be with their 1st mini album, ‘Dyed with Dreams’, and had released many comeback pictures to tease the fans!



Image via allkpop

EXO-CBX’s official agency, SM Entertainment, confirmed that the trio is making a comeback with a new mini album on April 10th.

This will be their first Korean comeback since Hey Mama! in October 2016.


B.I.G’s GunMin X HeeDo

Image via Tumblr


April 11st

Eric Nam

Image via VizPro

CJ E&M made an official statement that Eric Nam will comeback on April 11th.

This is his first mini album after a 2-year hiatus following his Good For You promotions back in March 2016.


April 12th

Super Junior

Image via allkpop

Super Junior will be making their comeback on April 12th. They recently released their official teaser image looking like Latin lords and their title song is called Lo Siento. 

Fans are all excited as this is the first time Super Junior tried out Latin concept!


April 17th


Image via KPOPmap


April 18th



April 26th



There are plenty big stars having their comeback on the coming month. To all fans whom your favourite idols are coming back soon, be sure to save as much money as you can so that you can purchase their original albums!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee 

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