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A Fan of One Republic? Here’s Your Chance to Win Their Concert Tickets!

Fond of singing and becoming a singer is your life long dream? Are you a huge fan of One Republic and can make perfect covers of their songs?

If you think you have what it takes to be the next live music cover singer of One Republic’s songs, then you could just walk away with some tickets to One Republic’s sold out concert in Kuala Lumpur.

Bathroom singers are welcomed to join the competition too! 

One Republic will be coming to Malaysia for their One Republic Live in Malaysia 2018 concert on 25th April, 8pm at Stadium Merdeka. 

The concert is held by WGW Entertainment with the support of Malaysia Major Events (MME), and Malaysia Convention and Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB) which is under the Ministry of Tourism.

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However, WGW Entertainment is organising a singing contest for all wannabes as you can try out your luck to be the next superstar.

‘Hunting For New Voices’ is a singing contest where you fans of One Republic who believe you can do a perfect cover of the band’s songs could get rewarded RM10,000 in total worth of cash and prizes.

So, for those who are hardcore fans of One Republic and have a good sense of music, you gotta try out this contest.


Obviously, being a cover contest, it means that all participants must sing a song by One Republic.

All of the competitors will be judge based on 4 criteria, voice, sound, rhythm and tempo, pronunciation and stage presence. The main point is to sound as similar to the band as possible.

This contest is opened for anyone who wishes to compete in either a group or solo. All the applications need to be send to this page before 4th April, 11.59pm.

The cover singing competition will take place at Ruang Legar, Berjaya Times Square KL on 7th April, 4pm. 

All competitors also need to bring along their own instrumental music in MP3 or CD form when they do their cover performance.

However, you can also bring your own instruments if you wish to perform with one.

‘Hunting For New Voices’ Prizes:

Grand Prize : RM3000 + 2 tiket ROCK ZONE worth RM578
Second Prize : RM2000 + 2 tiket ROCK ZONE worth RM578
Third Prize : RM1000 + 2 tiket ROCK ZONE worth RM578

The 7 finalists will receive a pair of CAT3 tickets that worth RM298. 

During the singing competition, there will be an exclusive promotion for all fans who has purchased concert tickets. You can get free posters while stock last.

Besides, with any purchase made in Berjaya Times Square on that day, you will get a 5% discount for the tickets. This promotion will last for one day only as the ticketing booth will be available from 11am to 6pm. 

For all singer wannabes, you can log on to WGW Entertainment’s official Facebook page or Universal Music Malaysia’s Facebook page for more information on the contest.

Happy singing guys! 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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