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After the tragic death of Kim Jong-Hyun, another celebrity in Korea sadly passed away due to depression. According to Koreaboo, actor Jeon Tae Soo, who is also the younger brother of actress Ha Ji Won, has passed away on January 21, 2018 at age 34.

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Haewadal Entertainment has issued an official statement on January 21:

“We are sorry to come out with heavy news. Actor Jun Tae Soo has passed away on January 21 at the age of 34.

“He was constantly being treated for depression, and even until recently, we were discussing his return as an actor as his condition was starting to improve.

Image via Koreaboo

“With the sudden sad news, his family and acquaintances are all mourning the death of Jun Tae Soo.

“Jun Tae Soo, who had a passion for acting, was a pure artist who was deeply involved in various fields of art. We sincerely ask everyone to refrain from leaving malicious comments and/or writing speculative articles.

Image via Koreaboo

“The funeral will be held quietly with the family members and acquaintances. In order to commemorate the deceased’s last road, we ask everyone to refrain from covering the funeral hall.

“We are full of sorrow and sorry to deliver such a sad news. Once again, we would like to express our condolences.”

With the news of her brother’s passing, actress Ha Ji Won has cancelled everything on her schedule as she wanted to be with her family and spend the last moments with her brother.

The funeral will be attended by his own family members and close acquaintances only as the family wants a quiet and low profile funeral for him.

For the mean time, there was no cause of death determined by the officials yet. 

Our deepest condolences and prayers go to Jeon Tae Soo’s family, friends, and fans. 

If you feel like need to talk to someone, when you feel as though the world has shut you out, please don’t hesitate to seek help or reach out.

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Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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