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Actress Farah Nabilah Gives E! News on Tips to Looking Flawless in the Perfect Fit

Malaysian actress Farah Nabilah shares with us to her secret tips on giving the blush to her perfect fit!

Finding the perfect shade to your skin tone has always been a struggle for literally anyone who wears makeup! Especially brands that are sold in drugstores, matching the perfect shade to your skin tone is never easy. But worry no more! Farah Nabilah is here to help you with that.

Foundation is the basics of all make up. No matter how bright your lip colours are or how snatched your eye shadows are, if your base is not popping, then the whole makeup wouldn’t look as good! So, follow Farah Nabilah to her trip to the beauty experts in Watsons!

The first thing to do before match test the foundations onto your skin is to remove your makeup first!

So many people has done this wrong! If you want to find the right match, you should test the foundations onto your bare skin. Match testing foundations onto an already based surface is wrong because you might end up with the wrong shade because not all foundations carries the same undertones and colours.


Next is to match test at least 3 shades that’s closer to your skin!

Yup, even though you have found the perfect fit, it’s not a sin to try swatching a foundation that is a shade lighter and a shade deeper. Why is that so? Well, that is to make sure that the shade you want to carry is the perfect match to your bare skin! Sometimes foundations oxidize, hence trying out 3 shades might help you to find the perfect one.


Lastly is to match test the foundations onto your jaw!

So many of us has been match testing foundations onto either the back of our hands or the wrist. Well, that method might not help you at all actually. This is because the skin tone of our face differ with skin tones of our body. So, you can’t just generalize that if the foundation matches your hands, they would match your face. Plus, testing it onto your jaw will help you to match your face to your neck

Well, looks like no more time wasted figuring foundation out any more!

Check out the full tips on how to look flawless with Farah Nabilah along with other fashion and beauty related topics on last Monday’s episode of E! News

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