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Aeril Zafrel’s Innocent Picture Of Son’s First Day Of School Become A Subject Of Cyber Bully

Aeril sure has his own way to shut down the haters.

January 2nd marks the first day of school for the year 2020, well that is for majority of the states in Malaysia. And just like any typical parents out there that are similarly excited for the start of school like their kids, social medias—Instagram especially—are flooded with pictures of parents posing with their kids fitted in their freshly-pressed school uniforms.

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And despite being a celebrity, Aeril Zafrel is indeed a father just like any other fathers out there. Thrilled for his son’s first day of starting school, Aeril and wife—Wawa Zainal—together with their son posed for a picture together on the entrance and posted the precious moment on Instagram.

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1st day school…. ayah doakan kamu berdua menjadi anak yg soleh&solehah serta menjadi hafiz dan hafizah suatu hari nanti .. amin….??

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However, Aeril instantaneously got baffled when his innocent post got backlash and hate comments that none were his initial intentions!

Being called as ‘egotist’ and ‘major show-off’, some keyboard warriors had the leisure to actually attack the celebrity by saying that he was trying to show off the wealth he has as his son was admitted into a private school and was wearing branded items.

▲ “How does does it feels like to be rich and send your kids to an international school so that you can upload on Instagram and boast it to your followers?”

Not only that, some people too attacked the poor little boy by saying he is ‘rude’ and ‘immoral’ as he was seen with long hair and untidy uniforms. Some even had the audacity to relate the boy’s discipline with religion.

▲ “Already taught kids to be rude since young. Going to school with long hair like beggars. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a private or public school, education from parents is vital.”

▲ “Islamic school doesn’t have rules and regulations regarding hair and attire, is it? No wonder his kids are always sloppy and untidy. Ops, but does Islam have to be sloppy?”

Had enough with the hates, Aeril Zafrel screenshot all those comments and posted the receipts on his social media—not even bothered to censor the names!

His action is really plausible as he is not afraid to stand for himself but thinking about it, why would others attack on innocent people freely?

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