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AfroJr and J.M3’s ‘Friendzone’ EP is All About Self Love

Love does exist in friendships. Be it platonic or not, one-sided or not – love is love.

¼ of Singapore’s Yeti Pack, AfroJr and rapper J.M3 have overcome all obstacles of physically being in separate corners of the world, to bring you the ‘Friendzone’ EP!

AfroJr and J.M3 are just like any other platonic friends, but they understand the concept of love and have put their minds together to write from the perspective of how you don’t have to be in love to know love.

Their ‘Friendzone’ EP is not like any other typical unrequited love story.

The tracks dive deeper into the realisation that without self-love, there could only be selfish love.

With the tracklisting of three mellow bars and unfiltered desperation, ‘Friendzone’ consists of ‘Black Swan’, ‘Uberme’ and their focus track, ‘Ocean14’.

This joint collaboration of trap-soul is dedicated to the people struggling to truly love themselves for their worth. It also brings trapsoul into the Asian region which has been trending across the United States.

Ocean14 is dedicated to self-love, the love that is most fundamental yet hardest of all. If you are going through a heart break or find yourself feeling down, then this is the song for you!

Without self-love, anything and everything can find their way to destroy you and what you believe in.

You have to love yourself first, before showering other people with the love that you have left. This song explains the importance, as well as the appreciation of you.

Looking for the perfect one, and being loved wholeheartedly is something hard to find.

Girls think that they can change a man to be better for her, hoping that the boy will come clean and stop all the nonsense behind her back and that pretty much does not happen at times. 

And at the end of the day, they just want to be appreciated and loved by someone who’s worthy, and not be cheated on anymore.

‘Uberme’ is the classic boy wants girl, girl wants boy song – only the girl is not up for the boy’s foolish games.

Meanwhile, ‘Black Swan’ is a complete fusion of both sultry and passion.

It is a straight-forward song which depicts a scenario of when you would find an indestructible connection with an individual that is so rare and beautiful from one human spirit to another – which makes that certain individual your black swan.

AfroJr and J.M3’s harmonious yet tensioned blend of voiced in the EP takes you through a trip of love, love, and sweet love. It does not get any simpler than that.

AfroJr is a member of Singapore’s Yeti Pack whereas J.M3 is a female rap artist that empowers through her unique blend of groove. Together, the duo create music that is relatable for all. 

‘We Accept the Love We Think We Deserve’ – AfroJr and J.M3, ‘Friendzone’

The tracks on ‘Friendzone’ helps motivate you to stand up and live the life you wanted, not somebody else’s. And above all, to embrace and learn to love your true self!

‘Friendzone’ EP is available on all major streaming platforms, listen now!

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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