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After What Had Happened In South Korea, Ailee Plans To Mark Her Name In The States

Ailee is preparing for a new music and a tour soon!

On November 25th, Ailee — a Korean-American singer-songwriter that is known for her explosive vocal, revealed that she is in the preparation for a new music. Being as a guest on KBS CoolFM’s Lee Geun Hee’s Good Day To Love, the singer unveiled that she will soon release a new seasonal song “Sweater” on December 12, which described as the perfect heartwarming number to the sweater season.

image taken from: billboard.com

Not only that, Ailee also revealed that she is in the midst of a U.S. debut plan and assured Korean fans for a nation-wide tour.

Her “I AM: RE-BORN” tour will kick start on December 7 and run over a period of 4 weeks. Starting from Incheon (December 7), the tour continues into seven cities; Gwangju (December 14), Suwon (December 24), Daegu (December 25), Seongnam (December 28), Daejeon (December 31) and Busan (January 5).

image taken from: billboard.com

It was long since the last time Ailee had a tight schedule and fans are more than excited. Ever since parting ways from her former agency of 8 years — YMC Entertainment, Ailee had established her own one-woman agency, Rocket3 Entertainment.

image taken from: allkpop.com

With the new change of route, Ailee has produced fresher musics like the recent “Room Shaker”.

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