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Ahmed Ahmed to Terrorise Malaysians with Stomach Crunching Laughter

Comedian, actor and producer, Ahmed Ahmed and is one of the most diverse, multi-faceted talents in the entertainment industry today.

Winner of the “The Richard Pryor Award” for ethic comedy at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, he exploded onto the scene when he co-founded the ‘Axis of Evil’ Comedy Tour.

The comedy tour aired on Comedy Central as the first ever Middle Eastern stand-up comedy special, and was followed with a record-breaking tour.

Since then, Ahmed has acted in multiple big budget Hollywood movies, co-starred in a sitcom – ‘Sullivan and Sons’, and explored the world sharing his belief that laughter is a key ingredient in breaking barriers.

Most recently, Ahmed became the host for Comedy Central Asia’s comedy series – Stand Up Asia! recorded a comedy special on Kevin Hart’s LOL Network in Just For Laughs, Montreal and has a short movie “Scapegoat” that premiered at the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

Continuously on an exploration of the unique spirit of laughter, Ahmed is a pioneer in opening doors for contemporary, westernised stand-up comedy to be accepted in the Middle East.

He directed an award-winning documentary, ‘Just Like Us’, documenting the experiences of international comedians on a comedy tour throughout the Middle East.

The film premiered at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival and has been available on Netflix.

Ahmed’s stand-up comedy is a mixture of anecdotal storytelling with the occasional addition of a relatable silly observation. His charming and friendly demeanour on stage make a great combination when engaging audiences in a way only he can.

His latest adventure has brought him to Asia – a continent he considers fascinating due to its melting pot of cultures.

Having visited a dozen Asian cities, Ahmed is on his path to acclimatising to the fusion wonders available in the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Manila, Hanoi, Jakarta and more.

Now Ahmed Ahmed is launching his solo world tour, ‘Oriental Pharaoh’ as he looks to expand his reach in bringing laughter to a global audience.

The show looks to offer (with hilarious effect), the point of view of an individual trying to stay true to his Middle Eastern- American roots while discovering the wonders of Asia.

Audiences can look forward to amusing takes of his latest perils of loving and living in a new continent, as he is still being constantly awe-struck by Asia – what he considers the new ‘Laugh Frontier’.

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