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An Honest Mistake is undoubtedly one of the best local bands ever. I mean, look at this party which they’ve planned up.

For this year’s Christmas, An Honest Mistake will be throwing An Honest Christmas Party which will honestly be dubbed the best party of the year.

The event will be held at the hotspot for music events, The Bee. There are loads of other amazing acts and activities to look forward to on Sunday.

Check them out:

1. There will be more than 20 artists performing!

Yes, it will be a star-studded affair with tremendous singers and musicians filling up the stage. Here’s the full list of artists putting on a good show throughout that day:

1. An Honest Mistake
2. Cuurley
4. Dragon Red
5. Narmi
6. Army of Three
7. Beatburns
9. Xantia
10. The MASH
11. Aishah Soraya
12. DJ Pri2
13. Modescape
14. Donamarie
15. Amanda Avyana
16. Back2Basixx
17. Son Of A Policeman (SOAP)
18. Amrita Soon
19. I Lost The Plot
20. Isaac Ho

The best part of this party is how the melody will be a mix of different genres and types of music which will surely entertain many different crowds.


2. You can get a tattoo on the spot!

As much as we get to rock out to all these amazing songs, music isn’t the only entertainment there.

Tattoo artists from Shipwreck Tattoos will be right there inking some awesome Christmas-themed designs. Shipwreck Tattoos is a great name where many celebrities have gotten their own, including Ian Ng, the drummer of An Honest Mistake.

There will be a few pre-designed tattoos so if you want a personalised pattern, then you’ll need to make an appointment with them. No worries though, there are quite a few artists there so there are time slots available for sure.


3. You can even get piercings right there and then

If you’ve been wanting to get that piercing on your lip, tongue, or any other exotic areas, then this is the time to do it! Thanks to Attic Piercing and Jewelry, you can get it done in a clean and professional setting.

They have the widest yet cheapest selection of accessories too so you’ll be spoilt for choice. Darren Teh and Leonard Chua of An Honest Mistake got their jewellery from this company. It will be a flat rate of RM100 for everyone on the event day.

Unfortunately, they will be limiting this service to only 30 people, so first come first serve yeah! Siapa cepat, dia dapat.

Darren gets asked a lot about his tattoos and piercings, so this inspired him to bring the experience right to the participants!

I think people are really curious on how things are done especially tattoos and piercings. I get asked all the time if it hurt when I got my tattoos or when I stretched my lobes. Now, I want to show them how it’s done.”


3. Wear denim, win cool prizes

Levi’s Malaysia is on board too so you know it is not just a regular party. Wear some of your best denim and look forward to winning a really cool set of Levi’s DIY Kit. Only 20 of the most gorgeous denim fashion can win this so you better look stunning. Plus points for those wearing Levi’s!

On top of that, there will be a customisation station where attendees can get FREE iron-on patches done. You can also purchase Levi’s Holiday Pin Collection which are specially made for Christmas.

Time to plan your outfit. 


4. Wanna get famous? This is your chance

Universal Music Malaysia is the official music label for this event. They will be present throughout the day, so if you want to get your music out there, this is your chance!

You can also learn more from them on what happens after you get signed on (well, if you get signed on, lah). So don’t be afraid to ask away, and maybe even make some golden connections.



Of course we all love our free things, but what more when it’s free alcohol. Woohoo!

Thanks to Tiger Beer, attendees can enjoy one of the best beers including their refreshing Tiger Radler. The Tiger Radler is a mix of beer with some sweet lemon juice which can help invigorate anyone who is feeling down.

It’s free but limited, so remember to come early.


6. FREE entry!

As if free gifts and beer aren’t good enough, the organisers decide to add free entry to the list too. So jio your friends, jio your family, jio your cousins, jio your uncles and aunties, jio your neighbours, just jio everyone!

Don’t say bojio.


Details of the best Christmas party of 2017 as below:

Location : The Bee, Publika
Date : 17th December, 2017
Time : 2pm ’til late
Theme :  Denim

As Darren says,

“It’s all about the experience and discovery.

“How often do you get music, tattoos, piercing, fashion and drinks all at the same place at the same time?

I think it’s really the sharing of knowledge that we are aiming for with this party and that really puts it in line with the whole theme of Christmas; a time of giving.”


See you there!

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