Hiburan By: Asrul Haliff July 24, 2019 @ 12:35pm

Ariana Grande and More Respond to the Allegations of a ‘Rapacious’ Behaviour from a Celebrity Photographer

After the accusation of a celebrity photographer Marcus Hyde for his ‘predatory’ behaviours towards a model went totally viral, Ariana Grande and many other celebrities had called out the photographer for his disgusting behaviour!

On Sunday, model Sunnaya Nash took to her Instagram and shared several screenshots with the intention to call Hyde out to public. Allegedly, the photographer had bribed the model for a free photoshoot in exchange of her nude pictures.

However, when refused to pose for the images because Nash claimed was only “comfortable shooting lingerie and partial nudity”, the 33-year-old photographer, Hyde immediately responded that she would have to pay him $2000 for the photoshoot if no nudes were given prior.

According to the screenshots, Hyde whom had experience in shooting several high profile celebrities including Grande, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and many more, allegedly wrote “find someone else” and “I’ll keep shooting celebs” when Nash declined the offer. 

Several celebrities had noticed this and commented in response to Nash’s claims, including the pop singer Grande who posted an open letter to her Instagram Story two days ago; warning artists not to work with photographers who make them feel uneasy.

And it doesn’t stop there! Apparently after the accusations, Nash expressed on Twitter saying that several of her posts regarding the accusation had been removed by Instagram.

Since then, the young model posted several messages she had received from other women who claimed to have had similar experiences working with the said photographer in Twitter.

Hyde’s Instagram account is currently unavailable to view, and further response was yet given from Marcus Hyde’s side.


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