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AV Actresses Who Just Debuted as KPOP Girl Group Releases First Song

South Korea will be having their first every Japanese AV actresses KPOP girl group, Honey Popcorn. This is definitely all guys’ dream come true.

Many might think that adult videos (AV) is a sensitive and negative topic, and people will avoid talking about it. This might be cultural differences between countries because the Japanese feels that working in the AV industry is a normal occupation.

According to Allkpop, Honey Popcorn is a 3-member girl group, which consists of 3 former porn actresses, Yua (Yua Mikami), Mika (Okada Risako), and Sakura (Ito Yuu).

The three of them actively participated in making pornographic content when they were in Japan prior to forming Honey Popcorn. Though now they are in this girl group, they are concentrating their efforts in South Korea instead.

There is no confirmation on whether they will continue their careers as pornstars.

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They made their debut showcase on March 14th, 2018 with the title track Bibidi Babidi Boo. Since releasing the official music video on YouTube, it has garnered about 84,000 views in just 2 days.

Though it is nice to see the girls possibly turning a new leaf, there are still plenty of netizens who are completely against them.

Some netizens commented: 

“This is seriously crazy… Former AV stars are really trying to ruin the image of Korean idols.”

“Top Korean idols have a hard time getting a spot on Japanese music shows. And they’re former AV stars. Prevent them from appearing on music programs.

“Nasty. Just go film AV~~”

When Honey Popcorn was asked for their thoughts on their debut in Korea, Yua said:

“Currently, I’m promoting as an AV actress in Japan. I’m very serious about that job, too.”

“But I want to focus on Honey Popcorn’s promotions for now. I understand there are people who find it difficult to support us.

“I want to think preciously of the ones who do give us support and it’ll make me happy if they continue to give us more support.”

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Miko also responded:

“While preparing (for our debut), I expected there to be varying opinions since there are cultural differences in Japan and Korea.

“We will work hard to live up to the expectations of the ones who give us support and I hope the number of people who like us will increase.”

Image via DKpop News

Bibidi Babidi Boo is definitely a nice song  because it has a catchy and bright beat that can make anyone dance and sing.

Let’s hope that Honey Popcorn will have a bright and successful future in the KPOP industry.

For those who haven’t watch Honey Popcorn ‘Bibidi Babidi Boo’ MV, watch it below:


Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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