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Bang Shi Hyuk Shares Secret on BTS’s Worldwide Recognition And Success

Big Hit Entertainment’s CEO Bang Shi Hyuk made an appearance on KBS’s talk show Good Insight and shared his vision as a successful producer for both BTS and other K-Pop idols.

Image via Koreaboo

According to Koreaboo, he started off by telling the viewers what he and other BTS members had done these few years, in order to produce better music and performance for the fans and others.

He said:

“About ten years ago when I came across the band Duran Duran, I was inspired.

“I wanted to produce a band that had the looks and the talent. I guess it was meant to be for me to produce an idol group.”

Image via One Stop Kpop

Likewise, Shi Hyuk believes the reason why BTS can become an international success is because of the open interaction from the members to the fans.

BTS is now one of the top social media influencers, their Twitter account has over 12.9 Million followers!

BTS even won the Top Social Artist Award at Billboard Music Awards, beating Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and many other top Hollywood celebrities!

“Everything is online and connected now. The trends in consuming digital contents have shifted. It is important for the artist and the agency to understand these changes in trends and adjust flexibly to the quick feedback.”

Image via Amino Apps

He believes that BTS’s success cannot solely depend on social media as it won’t be sufficient for the group to rise to the top. He thinks that the success must come from a whole package too, which includes good looks, strong talent in performing, trendy music, and well-made music videos.

Bang Shi Hyuk definitely chose the right members to be in BTS. They have the looks and talents too! 

Image via Soompi

One of the interesting point that Bang Shi Hyuk pointed out was that the members were not initially good dancers as they had to put great amount of hard work into their choreography prior to their debut.

BTS’s performance director, Son Seong Deuk, said:

“The members weren’t the greatest dancers to begin with. But they practiced and overcame themselves.”

The group’s main dancer, J-Hope, also explained that before they debuted, the members would practice for 10 or more hours per day. This has helped build a great teamwork among the 7 boys and they can now wrap up dance practice within 4 hours.

Though the boys are achieving remarkable album sales and and world-breaking records, Shi Hyuk still does not want the members to worry about such things.

Instead, he has always maintained that he preferred BTS to send out positive messages through their songs to the world.


Image via Amino Apps

He also comment:

“My entertainment agency wasn’t even mainstream. But I focused on creating something meaningful with talented members.”

Shi Hyuk is definitely the best CEO ever as he sees BTS members as his own sons and he just wants them to enjoy every moment while chasing their dreams. Bang Shi Hyuk jjang

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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