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Be the Top Scorer at SuperPark Malaysia and Win Exciting Prizes

Get pumped up Malaysians! SuperPark Malaysia, the all-in-one indoor activity park in the heart of the city, today launched the SuperPark SUPER RACE, a series of competitive activities designed to inspire an active lifestyle with the perfect blend of fun, fitness and friendship.

The contest was kicked-off by well-known Malaysian personalities namely singer-songwriter and fitness enthusiast Talitha Tan, as well as lifestyle content creators Akiyo Chai (BaBy Akiyo) and Mia Chai.

Promising a thrilling and joyful experience for participants, the SUPER RACE  combines five diverse activities involving adventure sports, interactive games and fun challenges.

Not only is there a main prize up for grabs, there are daily and weekly prizes to be won too.

The contest runs from Friday, 3 May 2019 till Sunday, 16 June 2019, perfect for fun and active bonding time with family and friends during the school holidays and the Hari Raya break.

Andes S.H Wong, Senior Marketing Manager, SuperPark Malaysia, said,

“We at SuperPark Malaysia are committed to inspire Malaysians to discover the wonderful joy of movement and play.

“The SUPER RACE  is specially crafted for this purpose to encourage everyone regardless of age or fitness level to have a tonne of fun, even while they’re breaking a sweat.

“More than that, they can share their journey towards better health with friends and family and also spend quality time playing together.”

Fun, fitness and friendship are the ultimate recipe for a healthy lifestyle. Today’s younger generations, especially Gen Z and Millennials prefer the more social aspect of exercising.

Often faced with the tough choice of staying active or socialising in their personal time, they are on the constant lookout for unique fitness experiences that allow them to do both.

They seek active and wellness offerings that are exciting, socially driven and protected from any unpredictable weather conditions.

Built in the heart of the city, SuperPark Malaysia is set to fulfil this demand, providing adventure seekers with numerous creative ways to move.

The indoor activity park features 3 main areas with over 26 fun and exciting activities suitable for all ages and fitness levels under one roof.

Its strategic location at Avenue K Shopping Mall ensures easy accessibility via public and private transport, as well as offer a complete family outing experience with other retailers within the mall offering top-notch dining and trendsetting retail outlets.

It also caters to groups for various events and purposes – from parties to corporate team buildings. With action-packed programmes tailored to suit each customer’s needs, having fun and playing together helps visitors strengthen personal and professional relationships.

Join in the SUPER RACE!

Individuals who are interested to participate in the SUPER RACE  can indicate their interest upon registration at the indoor activity park.

Once registered, all they have to do is beat the total top score across 5 activities and stand a chance to take home the Grand Prize worth over RM1,000 which includes SuperPark merchandise such as an exclusive SuperPark branded scooter and SuperDay Full-Day tickets for a fun-filled time with friends or family.

Participants who are the top scorer of the week and top scorer of the day will also get a chance to win weekly and daily prizes!

Winners will be rewarded with two (2) regular day Full Day tickets worth RM50 each and a special edition SuperPark Branded football respectively.

For more details on SuperPark Malaysia’s SUPER RACEplease visit SuperPark Malaysia website.

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