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Bella Hadid Making Headlines for Appearance in Kuala Lumpur

Bella Hadid has made her first ever public appearance in Malaysia, two years after becoming brand ambassador for watch company Tag Heuer.

Dressed in a blush-coloured mini skirt and blazer ensemble, the 22-year-old American model of Palestinian descent was welcomed by throngs of fans outside the store in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, after news of her visit was leaked to the public yesterday morning.

Once inside, she spoke to the Malaysian and Singaporean media on her involvement with the Swiss watch brand.

“My father always had Tag Heuer watches.”

“So many people worked before me with Tag – athletes, actors – it’s such a blessing to have this opportunity. I get to travel to amazing places such as Malaysia.

“I only get to stay until tomorrow but I will definitely come back and stay longer.”

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On her busy schedule, Hadid says it is thanks to her agent that she’s able to manage her time.

“I travel so much, I sleep on the plane and wake up to go to work.

“I like to take time on the plane to refresh my skin, listen to music, sleep – a little me time in the sky before I go back down.”

Hadid made an appearance at an exclusive dinner with the brand last night, before flying to Tokyo, Japan early this morning.

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