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Big Hit Entertainment is Holding Auditions but for Males Only

Big Hit Entertainment is the hottest South Korean entertainment company right now thanks to the success of BTS. They are also beating out the nation’s top labels; SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment.

Now, Big Hit is on the lookout for fresh talent to join their 6th Hit It Audition, Koreaboo reported. But the thing is, the audition is only open to guys.

They have quite an interesting set of requirements too actually. They prefer someone in the hip-hop side of music and they’ve got to be young too. Younger than fetus Jungkook, in fact…

The auditions will start with online preliminaries between June 25th and July 25th, 2018.

Then, the semi finals will take place on August 5th. Finally, the Top 10 finalists and winner will be announced on August 18th.

The winner will bring home KRW2,000,000 (RM7,247). Of course, there will be taxes imposed too so you’re not exactly pocketing the whole amount.

Of course, there’s also the point where winning this audition doesn’t even guarantee you a spot as Big Hit’s trainee. 

But if you’re still interested, here’s the list of requirements:

Skill(s) : Rap and/or vocal
Age : Born in 1998 or later
Nationality : No restrictions
Gender : Males only


For more information and to join the audition, check out Big Hit Entertainment’s Official Website. You can also e-mail them at [email protected]

Now, before any of you bombard the label with demands of bringing down the patriarchy, there’s a good theory as to why Big Hit doesn’t want girls in their label.

It is believed that the epic fail of their first girl group, GLAM, as well as the chaos caused by two of the members, TRINITY and Dahee.

TRINITY was allegedly Super Junior’s Leeteuk’s sasaeng fan. The term sasaeng means extreme fan where by the so-called ‘fan’ will do things which are disturbing, illegal and even downright degrading.

It was unclear as to what TRINITY did to Leeteuk but she apparently continued with her actions until just before debuting in GLAM. But when such allegations surfaced, she chose to withdraw from the group.

Meanwhile, GLAM wasn’t seeing any breakthrough success and things totally went down the drain when Dahee was caught in the biggest scandal of 2014 – Lee Byung Hun’s threat case.

Dahee was arrested for threatening and attempting to blackmail the married actor. She said that she had video footage of Byung Hun making lewd comments and acting inappropriately towards Dahee in a private event.

She, along with her model friend Lee Ji Yeon, asked for USD4.5 million (RM18,035,100) as compensation. The actor wasn’t falling for it and he reported Dahee to the police.

Afraid of being caught, the GLAM member tried to escape by leaving to America.

Throughout the whole controversy, Big Hit Entertainment had no choice but to drop the group. Since then, they’ve never looked into getting ladies into the company.

Do you think it’s fair though for them to eliminate females from the auditions?

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