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Bront Palarae In Talks To Reappear In The Next 8 Upcoming Films Until 2025, Following Gundala

It is not the end, in fact it’s only just the beginning.

Taken inspiration from its comics since the 1950’s, the film Gundala is the key to many characters and story lines that are set to be released until 2025. 

Gundala—that features Gundala as its main protagonist—is a masterpiece directed by Joko Anwar whom is known for many successful titles in Indonesia such as ‘Pengabdi Setan’, ‘Janji Joni’ and the latest ‘Perempuan Tanah Jahanam’.

The film stars a line of brilliant casts; Abimana Aryasatya, Tara Basro, Ario Bayu, Cecep Arif Rahman, Rio Dewanto, Muzakki Ramdhan and Bront Palarae.

Gundala centres around the character Sancaka whom lived a rough life after being left by his parents. His challenges in life has always made Sancaka thinking how he should be strong in surviving within the society. When things got the worst for him, Sancaka has to choose to protect himself or rise as a warrior for the suppressed.

Joko Anwar revealed that the back story of Gundala is based on a true story. Whatever that is portrayed in the movie, isn’t really the most accurate picture of Indonesia’s current society struggles but it carries the same depiction.

“We want to produce the BumiLangit Cinematic Universe not only to promote the comics towards the younger generation but taking the chance as well to address some issues that Indonesia is currently struggling for—corruption and weaponization of the word ‘morality’.”

— Joko Anwar.

Curating all this details in a medium that is very familiar to the younger generation, making a movie is the perfect route in delivering the most entertaining entertainment while indirectly make aware of the society issues.

The next sequel is set to be released centering the character Sri Asih that directly related to Gundala, and even though nothing is yet to confirmed, Bront Palarae is still in talks be making his reappearance in the upcoming releases as his character may or may not be appearing again.

Gundala has started showing in Malaysian big screens since 26th of December 2019 and on the same date, its comics that carry the same name are also available in selected MPH stores.

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