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Korean boy band BTS will be back with a new album soon and dropped some major hints on the concept for their album!

According to Koreaboo, BTS revealed the juiciest details on their upcoming album in their recent interview. Suga and RM even gave the details that the album will have to do with ‘Happiness’.

Happiness?! ARMYs are definitely feeling super happy right now!

Suga said that:

“We only have a broad idea, so we’re not at the right stage to tell you. We’ve constantly talked about happiness since our tour last year. We talked about what happiness was and what we need to do for it.”

Suga also explained how he felt about ‘happiness’ and what his perception on happiness is by saying:

“I think you can’t become happy if you try to be happy, but I also think you need to put in some kind of effort to be happy. You have to study it and experiment with it.

“Ever since I was young, I wondered what happiness was and what I needed to do to become happy. I don’t think anyone taught me about it before.”

Meanwhile, RM said that he had ‘been hooked on the keyword “happiness” since until early last year’, however, he felt that humans are always striving to find happiness yet never quite getting there.

Image via Koreaboo

He said that all members thought they had achieved the ultimate ‘happiness’ when they reached number one on the Billboard World Albums chart, but they were seeking a further goal because of that win.

He said: 

“So instead of finding happiness, we’re trying to find the solution through our theme of ‘Love Yourself’. ‘Love Yourself’ is a phase where you look for ways to love yourself. My dream isn’t to win 1st place on Billboard, but to truly love myself.”

All members believe the word ‘happiness’ has a vague and deep concept that their fans will have a lot to discuss about as they trust that if they throw this topic out, for sure many people will be talking about it.

ARMY all around the world are looking forward to this ‘Happiness’ album!

2018 will definitely be the year of domination for BTS once again, as they had previously disclosed details on a brand new world tour and future collaborations coming real soon!

ARMYs, be ready to take on the world with BTS this year!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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