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BTS’ Fake Love MV Just Dropped and It’ll Make You Tear Up

BTS has done it again. They’ve gone and create another beautiful music video and catchy song which has captured everyone’s hearts.

In less than an hour, the music video has garnered almost half a million views on their brand new MV.

This time, they came out with a mysterious concept with the boys in multiple settings just standing or sitting there looking gorgeous. The only person doing all the walking would be Jungkook as he seems to be the centrepiece of this concept.

Oh, Suga did kinda break a guitar though and J-Hope was laying down on a mountain of Snickers.

For whatever reason, it seems like everything the other members do reflects on him.

When the first chorus hits, the room which Jin is in explodes and he can be seen trying to protect a flower with much worry.

There’s a lot of water, fire and sand in this video as well. There’s also some mysterious guy in a face mask whom Jungkook goes up to for some apparent reason.

Regardless, please rape the replay button on the video. Here’s the MV if you haven’t checked it out yet:

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