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BTS is the First KPOP Group to Make Their Comeback on Foreign Stage

Every Korean pop act has got one thing in common; making comebacks in music shows. Whenever artists release a new song or album they will perform on the stages in some of the music shows across local TV channels.

BTS has always been a rebel because this time, for the first live performance of their latest song, Fake Love, they did it at the Billboard Music Awards 2018 instead.

Not only are they the first Korean artist to make a comeback on a foreign stage, they are also the very first Korean artist to ever perform at the BBMAs!

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It just goes to show how famous BTS truly is. The award show was filled to the brim with singers and producers from different sectors of the industry as well as very passionate fans.

The sound of the fans’ chants and screams were so loud that they almost drowned out the music.

BTS also took home the Top Social Artist award for the second time in a row.

Check out their awesome performance right here:

Plus, Malaysians will be in for a treat because it was revealed by Ohbulan that V wore a baju melayu during the BBMA’s rehearsal.

One of the Malaysian fans whose Twitter handle is @tae_tyrus shared that she sent a set of baju melayu to V. However, the singer only wore the white shirt and pants in the set. He didn’t put on the sampin.

Nevertheless, local fans are even more in love with V now.

Here’s a video to prove it:

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