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BTS Surprises Fans with New Video and Receives Special Invitation from Stevie Wonder

BTS is currently the busiest boy group on Earth as their schedules are hectic and restless. But, despite all these crazy activities, they still manage to surprise fans with a new video and also got a special invitation from Stevie Wonder! 

Many ARMYs might be wondering if BTS is making their comeback soon with the release of a new video, but sorry to disappoint you guys. They are not making any comeback just yet. They are just keeping the fans updated from their busy schedules. 

According to Allkpop, on April 5th, BTS’s agency, Big Hit Entertainment released a 9-minute clip titled Euphoria: Theme of Love Yourself 起 Wonder.

The dramatic concept video was directed by Choi Yong Seok and it is filled with intensity. It definitely hyped up all the fans since nobody expected the video’s sudden release.

Image via YouTube

Apart from the sudden new video, BTS brings yet another good news for fans. They were specially invited by the legendary Stevie Wonder to be featured in a Martin Luther King Jr tribute video titled Dream Still Lives.

Image via Billboard

It is a great honour for a South Korean KPOP boy group as there are other numerous influencial figures invited to be in Martin Luther King Jr tribute video.

Some of them are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Katie Perry, The Chainsmokers, and many more. All these celebrities shared their dreams in the inspiring clip. 

Image via SBS

There are many questions raised as to why BTS got chosen to be in a MLK tribute video, so a representative from BigHit Entertainment stated:

“Stevie Wonder personally sent a letter of request to BTS and BTS decided to participate as they agreed with the purpose.”

The video shows Stevie Wonder’s page featuring BTS, where RM said that his dream is a world where “people love themselves”.

Image via YouTube

BTS’s career is definitely skyrocketing now, as they are getting more successful in both Asian and western countries.

From winning Best Album award in South Korea to being invited by Stevie Wonder to be featured in Martin Luther King Jr’s tribute video, they are definitely getting all the love and support from all ARMYs over the world.

We do hope that all the BTS members remember to get enough rest before your busy schedules too. Do not overwork yourselves.

For those who haven’t watch the videos, you can watch them below:



Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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