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BTS’s Twitter Account Achieves 13 Million Followers!

BTS may not be the first KPOP group to become internationally known. However, they have now become the most influential Korean group in the whole world!

These aren’t false allegations because the numbers definitely speak for themselves.

As of March 5th, 2018, BTS’s official Twitter page has reached 13,045,386 followers!

According to Koreaboo, the boy band started this social media page on December 17th, 2012. Then, in almost 5 years on November 13, 2017, their account became the first Korean one to achieve 10 million followers.

In just 5 months, the boy group was able to add over 3 million more followers. This goes to show how amazing their influence is.

The sudden spike in followers is thanks to how popular they are in the United States of America. Though Korean pop music has penetrated into the USA since the days of Super Junior and even more so when PSY’s Gangnam Style went viral, it was still a very niche music genre.

Source: Koreaboo

However, it was thanks to BTS that KPOP has become a mainstream thing over there.

The group ranks number 1 on the Billboard Social 50 chart and has been maintaining the position since they first got the spot in October last year. They also beat out EXO who has been a tough competition for them.

Billboard wrote,

“BTS fans gather on Twitter to see the messages posted by the members themselves. The powerful fandom ARMY is spreading news about BTS worldwide in real-time.”

Source: Koreaboo

Although BTS’s account is far from being the most followed Twitter page, they are definitely climbing the ladder fast. They are currently number 193 right behind Top Gear host, Stephen Fry.

Stephen ought to watch out though because BTS is approaching fast!

The current most followed Twitter account right now is Katy Perry’s with 108,739,941 followers, according to SocialBlade. However, BTS is the most followed Korean group!

If you haven’t followed the boys on their social media pages, don’t forget to do so now. Here’s their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Don’t forget to follow Big Hit’s YouTube page for BTS content too.


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