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Catch Dua Lipa, Hael Hussaini and Ismail Izzani at Lazada’s 7th Birthday Celebration

Lazada is turning 7 on the 27th March! They are sharing the birthday joy with you all across Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, its six markets in the region via the Lazada App. 

Lazada invites customers to tune in to the inaugural ‘Super Party’ music concert that will be live streamed on the app simultaneously on the 26th March at 8:30PM local lime.

This also marks Lazada’s first international live-stream and has never been done on such scale. 

Partying along with Lazada is the Grammy award-winning singer, Dua Lipa, Malaysian’s 2019 AJL winner, Hael Husaini and the YouTube singing sensation, Ismail Izzani at the Lazada Super Party.

Not forgetting Southeast Asia’s rappers and pop acts Urboy TJ, Saykoji, THELIONCITYBOY, Angger Dimas, and Dipha Barus will also be firing up the evening in a high-octane rap collaboration.

In addition to Lazada’s 7th birthday celebration, customers can be entertained with exciting games (LazGame) on the App and can earn themselves cupcakes and collect vouchers while at it. 

Chief Executive Director of Lazada Malaysia, Leo Chow said, 

“Our mission is to constantly reinvent eCommerce as we know it, and stay ahead of Asian consumers who are demanding more entertaining, rewarding and social forms of shopping – an experience that can be shared with family and friends.

“The Lazada app caters to all your lifestyle and business needs in one place, which we are able to do through our capabilities in Technology and Logistics backed by Alibaba expertise and insights.”

Lazada does not only focus the celebration on itself only but also celebrates all eCommerce participators, which includes Lazada’s brand partners and sellers who formed the backbone of the platform’s business. 

Through its Live Work Play approach, Lazada continues to create fresh, fun and memorable experiences for its shoppers, while creating opportunities for eCommerce industry suppliers’ such as brands, sellers, influencers and logistics providers to grow a sustainable eCommerce ecosystem.

This includes over 70,000 sellers, more than 400 brands, 500 influencers and growing, major banks, telcos and a strong network of third-party logistics providers.

The Live Work Play in One App consist of; Group Buy with Friend (invite your friends to shop along with you), crazy flash deals and discounts, and partner offers from Hong Leong Bank, Domino’s Pizza and Mastercard. 

Lazada customers can now pick up their packages at preferred stations with the new delivery option called the Collection Points. With this new method, customers can choose their own time and location for the delivery. 

The service is currently live in the Klang Valley with plans to expand it nationwide. Customers can shopping happily and get their parcels at their time of convince now. Hasn’t shopping become so easy now?

So, don’t forget to catch the Super Party and shop til you drop with the amazing deals for Lazada’s 7th birthday this 27th March! 

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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