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Check Out TXT’s New Album, Interview, and the Member’s Fav Songs in This Playlist

Spotify’s Early Noise initiative is back in full swing to uncover the next big thing in music, and this year they’re featuring the highly anticipated K-Pop group – TOMORROW X TOGETHER, also known as TXT.

Announced earlier this year by Big Hit Entertainment, the label behind global sensation BTS, fans will finally get to tune in to TXT’s debut EP The Dream Chapter: STAR, released today.

As part of this Early Noise 2019 feature announcement, the music app is thrilled to host brand new TXT content with fans including their debut tracks, a selection of the group’s favourite songs, and a special audio interview for a first-hand listen into their music inspirations – all available now on Spotify’s Early Noise 2019: TOMORROW X TOGETHER playlist.

Taking on the mantle from Stray Kids, last year’s Early Noise feature, TXT is a five-piece K-pop boy band destined for K-Pop super-stardom.

The name of Big Hit’s latest group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, signifies how the act came together under one dream in hopes of building a new tomorrow.

The group’s members include Soobin, the band’s leader; Yeonjun, a rapper and dancer; the multi-talented Beomgyu; the darling of the group, Taehyun; and 16-year-old Huening Kai, the group’s maknae.

Although TXT has only just released their debut EP, The Dream Chapter: STAR, the group has already amassed over 1.4 million and 2.7 million followers on Twitter and Instagram respectively.

All this before even dropping a single track! How’s that for a huge fan base?

Chee Meng, Tan, Head of Artist & Label Marketing, Asia, Spotify, said,

“Early Noise is the culmination of Spotify’s commitment to unearthing rising stars and we are very excited to play a part in TXT’s rise to the K-Pop stratosphere.

“Through the Early Noise initiatives, we believe that Spotify can develop a global audience for TXT and connect this young talented group with fans from all over the world.”

Fans can find the following on Spotify’s Early Noise 2019: TOMORROW X TOGETHER playlist:

  1. A special audio interview with TXT for fans to find out more about them, their inspirations and their music. Some questions TXT will address include, who their favourite artist is, what they want fans to take away from their music and the dreams they want to achieve as a group.
  2. Full Track List:
    • Blue Orangeade
    • CROWN
    • Our Summer
    • Cat & Dog
    • Nap of a Star
  3. A selection of the group’s favourite tracks curated specially for their fans

Can’t get enough? Be sure to follow Spotify’s dedicated K-Pop channel on Twitter, for more exciting TXT treats!

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