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CJ WOW SHOP Sets New Sales Record During Biggest Home Shopping Carnival!

Malaysia’s one-stop smart shopping destination, CJ WOW SHOP, started their second year anniversary campaign, ‘2 Tahun, Lebih WOW!’, on a high note.

The event has been dubbed as the Biggest Home Shopping Carnival in Malaysia.

During the first day of the celebration, CJ WOW SHOP recorded 3 times higher volume than its daily average customers.

Congratulations to CJ WOW SHOP!

Malaysia’s top one-stop smart shopping destination, CJ WOW SHOP ended their 2nd year anniversary with flying colours as they achieved 3 times more customers than usual.

In less than 24 hours, all the products ranging from household, electrical items, gadgets, beauty, and fashion was cleared off by shoppers. This resulted in the home shopping network doubling its first day’s revenue as compared to the first anniversary sale in 2017.

With all these success from the their 2nd anniversary, Mr. Kim Yang Hyun, Chief Executive Officer of CJ WOW SHOP said:

“This magnificent accomplishment is a great start to our celebration. We hope more shoppers will enjoy the great rewards and products we have to offer.

“As we seek to thank our wonderful customers for supporting us since the start of our operations, the month of April will become synonymous with the best deals and promotions they can get from CJ WOW SHOP.”

CJ WOW SHOP welcomed their first customer on 1st April 2018, Ms. Lee Yan Hong, who placed an order for the Mugen Smart Pressure Cooker. He called within the first 10 minutes of the show.

He said:

“I have been shopping with CJ WOW SHOP since last year. The shopping experience has been pleasant, the price is affordable, and I knew there will be something useful for me. These are all the right reasons to wake up and call in early.”

Image via Lipstiq

For all customers who made every single purchase during this month, you will be rewarded with a limited edition of “The WOW Bag” that is a result of a collaboration between CJ WOW SHOP and Yana Samsudin who is the anniversary ambassador for this year. 

Besides, for this whole month of April, customers who make any product purchase via CJ WOW SHOP’s website and mobile apps will be able to enjoy an additional 5% WOW Points! 

CJ WOW SHOP is the largest home shopping by the joint-venture between Malaysia’s largest integrated media group, Media Prima Berhad and the global leader in the home shopping business from South Korea, CJ O Shopping Co. Ltd. It sells products ranging from household items to electronics.

You can catch CJ WOW SHOP’s live show as the timetable below:

For all home shoppers, if you haven’t make your purchase through CJ WOW SHOP yet, be sure to check out their website for more affordable deals and discounts! 

All the deals and discounts are only valid for April 2018 only! So, better be quick as to not lose this great opportunity.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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