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Daesung’s Reason for Hospitalisation Revealed

Previously, it was reported that Big Bang’s Daesung was hospitalised in the Chuncheon Army Hospital. The report came belatedly and by the time news broke out, the singer was already discharged.

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On May 23rd, YG Entertainment’s representative confirmed the news, Soompi reported.

The person said,

“BIGBANG’s Daesung was recently hospitalised at the Army Hospital due to laryngitis. He was discharged after two days and has returned to his base.”

Turns out it was nothing as serious as fans initially thought.

The person added,

“It is not to the extent to be deeply concerned about, and his condition is currently improving.”

According to Healthline, laryngitis is a condition that occurs when our voice box or vocal cords become inflamed from overuse, irritation or infection.

It will last for less than three weeks if it is not serious or more if it is chronic.

For now, Daesung just needs to rest his voice until it heals well. At least it isn’t too bad, right?

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