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Discover Germany Freely Through a BirdsEye View

Travelling 9,743km to see a different part of the world, can really burn a big hole in your pocket, but with tonton, you get to go to Germany for free!

Well, not literally, lah…

Bringing you DW’s BirdsEye on tonton. The segment offers a bird’s eye view of many attractive and amazing places around Germany.

BirdsEye is under a minute preview of the nice places in the Land of Poets and Thinkers, and further details are given throughout the whole footage.

There are 25 episodes now available for you to watch via tonton! Each place shown gives symbolic meanings and covers from urban to the suburban areas of Germany.

The country is a beautiful one full of culture and life. With an average episode of 1-minute each, each area is fully covered and focused!

Maybe this can give you ideas on the places you want to visit when you actually come to Germany!

The scenic views of this West European nation really give a refreshing outlook on the country and with the BirdsEye view, everything seems a little too real to look at.

Enjoy a taste of Germany here now on tonton!  

READ MORE: German Independent Broadcasting Corporation Partners with tonton

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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