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Comedy is quite an underrated industry here in Malaysia. Many people often equated success in comedy to becoming an actor in comedy shows.

Well, being a stand-up comedian in Malaysia is pretty difficult as there aren’t any massive platforms out there to showcase all our talents.

However, Have Pun Malaysia has been part of the few stages dedicated to helping local comics get the shine which they deserve.

This company’s latest event is titled Comedy After Dark, the first ever comedy show dedicated to dark humour within our very own country.

xtra spoke to Danial Sham, the Founder of Have Pun Malaysia, and explained why he decided to hold an event just for dark humour aside from his usual punny ones.

He replied,

“I have always liked cringe-humour in comedy. Since puns could be cringy at times, I realised some dark humour has some elements of cringe in it too.

“Though this is not a transition itself of what Have Pun Malaysia will solely be doing (we will still do pun competitions), Have Pun Malaysia will be an alternative type of stand up comedy.”

Dark humour can quite the acquired taste as people might not sit too well with certain people. Hence, Danial also hopes that the audience can accept these jokes with an open mind.

“If we can’t laugh at the painful truth in the world, we might as well wear a protective bubble wrap when we go out the door.

“Pun competitions attract a different type of crowd, one that loves wordplay. And I think this is why I am doing Comedy After Dark, to attract people who love dark humour.”

Danial credits his love for dark humour to Jimmy Carr, a British comedian who is known for making some pretty sombre and sometimes disturbingly hilarious jokes.

Of course, Have Pun Malaysia won’t be solely going into dark comedy after this. This is just a variation of humour which they would like to bring into Malaysia.

Previously, they’ve done Pun Competitions, a Yo Mama Battle and their latest being Comedy After Dark.

After this, Danial plans on having a Pun Battle which will be a similar format as the Yo Mama Battle. The battle will take place in February while the famous Pun Competition will take place in April.

The Comedy After Dark event details as follows:

Date : Saturday, 20 January 2018
Time : 8.30pm doors open
Location : The Bee, Publika
Price : RM40

Tickets can be purchased at the door. A gentle reminder that this event is for 18-years-old and above only.

Are you worried that you can’t make it for this one? No worries because Danial will be making another Comedy After Dark in May.

For more information check out their event page. Don’t forget to follow Have Pun Malaysia on Facebook and Instagram for more alternative comedy events!

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