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Don’t Take The Words From Us But Lady Gaga Might Have Been Speaking With Ex-Fiance Again

Just don’t chime the wedding bells yet.

According to Us Weekly, Mother Moster—Lady Gaga is reported to have been on speaking terms again with ex-fiance Christian Carino, but just as friends. 

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Lady Gaga and Carino had split earlier this year in Februart 2019 after the two have been together for two years. Some people conspired that their split had something to do with Gaga’s alleged affair with her ‘A Star Is Born’ co-star Bradley Cooper got it fair round in the Internet.

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Gaga had only addressed the split briefly to her fans at a show during he Las Vegas residency where before she began playing her song “Some To Watch Over Me”. The singer said to the crowd, “Last time I sang this song, I had a ring on my finger, so it’ll be different this time.”

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Even though Gaga and Carino are back on speaking terms, it’s highly unlikely to expect a reunion from the former pair. This is further justified when Gaga said to be “not seriously dating anyone right now,” according to Us Weekly.



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