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Dwayne Johnson And Lauren Hashian Welcome Second Daughter into the Family!

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and his beautiful girlfriend, Lauren Hashian once again welcome a baby girl into their family.

This is Dwayne’s third child but second one with Lauren.

According to E! Online, Lauren gave birth to Tiana Gia Johnson on April 17th, 2018. The actor and wrestler also tweeted a fatherly picture of him hugging Tania on his chest.

His caption read,

“Skin to skin. Our mana. Blessed and proud to bring another strong girl into this world.

“Tiana Gia Johnson came into this world like a force of nature and Mama @laurenhashianofficial laboured and delivered like a true rockstar.”

Image via Instagram

“I was raised and surrounded by strong, loving women all my life, but after participating in baby Tia’s delivery, it’s hard to express the new level of love, respect and admiration I have for @laurenhashianofficial and all mamas and women out there.”

“Word to the wise gentlemen, it’s critical to be by your lady’s head when she’s delivering, being as supportive as you can.. holding hands, holding legs, whatever you can do.

“But, if you really want to understand the single most powerful and primal moment life will ever offer – watch your child being born.

“Its a life changer and the respect and admiration you have for a woman, will forever be boundless.”

Image via HotNewHipHop

“And to my third and youngest daughter, Tiana Gia – like I did when your two older sisters Simone Alexandra and Jasmine Lia were born, you have my word, I’ll love, protect, guide and make ya laugh for the rest of my life.

“Your crazy dad has many responsibilities and wears many hats in this big ol’ world, but being your dad will always be the one I’m most proud to wear.

“Oh and one more thing.. you’re gonna love rollin’ in daddy’s pick up truck. #TianaGiaJohnson #3rdDaughter #BlessesAndGratefulMan.”

Image via One News Page

Dwayne and Lauren have been together for 10 years now. The couple has another daughter, Jasmine, who is 2 years old.

In his past marriage, he has another daughter named Simone who is now 16-years-old. 

Last December, Dwayne revealed that Lauren was pregnant with their second daughter. He jokingly said on The Graham Norton Show:

“It’s a girl. I can’t make boys, but I keep trying to—that’s the fun part!”

Image via YouTube

The Rock told Rolling Stone earlier this month that the two planned to get married this spring in Hawaii. Lauren was waiting for Tiana to come out because she didn’t want to take wedding pictures with a baby bump.

Once again congratulations to this adorable family. 

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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