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E! News Digs Indonesian Singer-Songwriter Tulus’ Secrets to Staying Primed

Another week, another hot episode from E! News! And just like how they on do every Monday, E! News is bringing you the latest news in fashion and beauty.

In this week’s episode, an Indonesian singer-songwriter Tulus got sincere and shared his honest insight with audience of E! News about his personal regime on staying looking good all day all night. Not only that, he also shared his secret recipes of self-care when he’s on the road.

Tulus revealed in his interview with E! News that he do not oppose, in fact supports the idea of men behind skin care.

“To me, it is equally important for men to take care of their skin because not only women who have skin. I feel men who take care of the skin show that they are not egoist because not only men who want to look at beautiful ladies, in fact same goes to the ladies as well”


The Indonesian sensation also shared that cleansing both in the morning and night as well as hydration is the key to a healthy skin.

At times when he does not have enough time to spend on fitness, consuming a lot of water and nutrition-enriched foods are the secrets to him keeping primed. Not only that, he also shows a lot of attention into calorie counts.


When asked what are his best advice, simply “Water” was given. What a bright man he is!


Many other fashion and beauty related news are featured in this week’s episode! Go watch the episode now and if you’ve missed the previous episodes, just go to TV3 Malaysia’s YouTube channel for the ultimate entertainment and lifestyle updates.

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