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E! News Malaysia’s Kicking Off Season 2 with New Fresh Faces!

E! News Malaysia is back by popular demand with more exciting infotainment and hot lifestyle news with Season 2!

Still remaining Tasha Aleia as the host for this new season, E! News is thrilled to introduce the viewers to two new exciting hosts! Natalie Hussain and Eric Lin will be joining Tasha to bring you the best of the best of entertainment and lifestyle news twice a week starting on the 22nd of July. E! News will be airing exclusively on TV3 Malaysia’s YouTube channel every Monday and Thursday precisely at 9PM. So stay tuned!

“We are very proud with the achievement we got with the debut of E! News back in March this year. Garnering almost 3 million viewers, this shows that all of our contents are in line with what the Gen-Ys are interested in”

“For Season 2, we’ll be presenting two fresh faces for the screen; Natalie Hussain and Eric Lim as hosts. They will be covering the local and international news for entertainment, fashion, lifestyle and technology. We hope that viewers will give their best support for this new season and tune in to more new contents in TV3 in the future”

Mr. Johan Ishak, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Media Prima Television Network.

E! News will be separated into two segments, where episodes on Monday will focus more on news about fashion and beauty. Fresh contents on the current and ‘trending’ beauty products in the market as well as fashion crazes by the people in Hollywood are some of the topics that will be covered.

On Thursdays, E! News episodes will highlight on more lifestyle tips and tricks, exclusive behind the scenes for dramas, films and concerts as well as updates on the latest local and international music videos. Viewers can also expect exclusive interviews between the hosts and guest celebrities discussing on hip topics like social medias, lifestyles and even fab foodies.

Not only that, E! News will also feature news related to gadgets and technologies; updating you with the latest tech news in the market.

Get the newest and freshest local and international infotainment news with #enews! Don’t forget to watch the first episode of E! News Season 2 tonight at 9PM on TV3 Malaysia’s YouTube channel! For more details and the latest info, check out www.xtra.com.my and follow its official Facebook and Instagram at @tv3malaysia.

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