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E! News Now Available Across Multiple Media Prima Platforms


To keep netizens always updated and on the go on local entertainment news, Media Prima Television Networks launched its very own version called E! Media Prima TV Networks in partnership with the international entertainment brand itself.

This Malaysian version will focus more on local contents that are suitable for everyone including the younger audience.

Only on YouTube

This E! News edition is unlike other television programs as it will be aired on TV3’s official YouTube channel. There will be a total of 12 episodes with a short period of 10 minutes per episode.

E! Media Prima TV Networks also features entertainment, lifestyle and international fashion content.

The new episode will be uploaded on TV3’s official YouTube channel, while a brief version of every two episodes will be broadcast on TV3 itself.


Inviting Online Fans

According to Media Prima Berhad Television Sales and Strategy Director, Nini Yusof, working together with E! is aimed to provide new and fresh elements to TV3’s YouTube channel.

The new program is also part of the company’s goal to attract individuals who like to watch TV, digital sailors and people who love both channels.

The channel will only be aired for 10 minutes on the YouTube channel and two minutes on TV as most of the content are more suitable for digital content rather than broadcast content.

CEO of Media Prima TV Networks, Johan Ishak, also admitted that the two minutes of broadcasting on TV was to meet with the Film Censorship Board (LPF) standards as compared to the digital platform.


More than 60% of Local Entertainment

The overseas E! News is currently hosted by Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy E.

But for the special edition of E!  in Malaysia, Media Prima has introduced local personalities, Aaron Al Fateh from The Feel Good Show ntv7, Chrystina Ng from One FM and 8TV, and the singer, Tasha Aleia as the new faces to host the Malaysian version of E!.  

Other guest hosts will also be invited to brighten up the program.

In terms of content, 60 percent will be renewed while the rest of the content are original contents from the channel itself.

The new episodes of E! Media Prima TV Networks will be released every Monday and Thursday at 9PM starting on March 18 2019.


Let’s see what’s hot!

In addition, about 60 to 70 percent of the program will feature local Malaysian artists while others will feature the latest updates from Hollywood, Bollywood, Hong Kong and South Korea.

In introducing the first season of the program, E! Media Prima TV Networks will be broadcast twice weekly, on Monday and Thursday.


Don’t forget to catch the E! Malaysia episodes  every Monday and Thursday only at TV3’s YouTube Channel!

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Written by Fatin Zafirah

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