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Emma Maembong Goes Hijabless After Series of Netizen Attacks

The 27-year-old actress declares that she has gone free hair, and has no longer been wearing the hijab since the past three days.

The actress told BH Online that the woman who’s not wearing a hijab in the video and taking pictures with one of the fans was indeed herself.

Emma realises and knows that her decision to go hijabless is not a good example to others and says that her ‘iman’ is still not solid enough.

“For what ever reason, I admit that this mistake comes from myself. Let Allah decide my sins and rewards, as it is between me and Him. I am going to accept every condemnation that I will receive with an open heart.

“Being ‘istiqamah’ in wearing the hijab is not easy. There will always be obstacles that we have to go through. If we are not ready, surely out faith would be out of balance too.

“This is definitely not a good example, and please don’t follow my footsteps.”

Emma Maembong will accept everything with an open heart, this includes whatever the people what to say to her or what the people want to think of her.

According to the ‘Kau Yang Terindah’ actress, she started wearing the hijab for fun by wearing a scarf around her neck.

“When I was only wearing a scarf around my neck, netizens were already saying nasty things about me. Some said that it was better to fully wear the hijab, so slowly I began to wear the hijab.

“During then, I tried to self-reflect. Even after I started wearing the hijab, my dressing and style of wearing the hijab kept on being criticised by the netizens. Everything I did seemed wrong and everything just did not go well. Yes, it is hard to please others.

“I was fighting with myself. But I fought through all the negativity. And I just lost it recently. People judge me like I was messing with my religion.

“They made awful statements and act as if they are the ones getting a place in heaven later. Others also said that I only said sorry because the story got out.

“I am just an imperfect human being.”

Emma strongly denied the statement that she only wore the hijab to promote her hijab brand Emma Maembong Hijab.

“I started my hijab business before I started to wear the hijab. Personally, I like buying hijabs and shawls, and I enjoy drawing, so I turned the hijab into a drawing canvas.”

Emma also says that her family members are having a hard time in accepting that she has gone free hair too.

“Nevertheless, they are up for it as they know what I have been through all this time. They have seen and have been through my ups and downs in my journey in this industry.

“They are not encouraging me to go hijabless but they are hoping that I will continue to be ‘istiqamah’ one day.”

Emma Maembong has recently been seen with Syed Saddiq’s brother, and a viral picture of her and Syed Abdullah also went viral.

Written by Fatin Zafirah  

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