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Epik High Collaborates with Home Girl Yuna for Their New Album

Yuna has made her name become internationally familiar by collaborating with many singers and artists such as Usher, Owl City and Pharell Williams.

Recognised by Rihanna as being ‘top notch’, Yuna is once again bringing her ‘A’ game to the next level by collaborating with popular South Korean hip hop trio, Epik High.

‘Sleepless in _____’ is Epik High’s first comeback after leaving YG Entertainment, and a lot of hard work and passion has been put into making this album.

The album also features other collaborations with Crush, Suga from BTS, Code Kunst and Sunwoojunga.

The group leader, Tablo, released teasers of the collaborators on his personal Instagram account since late February.

Malaysian fans can immediately recognise Yuna’s figure on the list, probably because of her signature turban style that is definitely iconic!

The album is set to be released on the 11th of March with intentions to accompany your sleepless nights. Pre-orders of the album have already began as promoted by Tablo on his Instagram account.

Here’s a track list of the seven songs in the album as released by Tablo:

  1. Sleepless
  2. In Seoul ft Sunwooo & Jung-a
  3. Love Drunk ft Crush
  4. Eternal Sunshine
  5. No Different ft Yuna
  6. Rain Again Tomorrow
  7. Lullaby for a Cat

Yuna retweeted Tablo’s tweet a few hours after he posted the collaborators of ‘Sleepless In _____’. Many fans were excited and some even said that this will be the collaboration of the year!

Yuna met with Epik High three years back during the Coachella Music Festival. During then, fans were already asking them to make music together.

And on the 11th of March, fans’ dreams will come true, so stay tuned! May Yuna continue to make Malaysia proud one song at a time.  

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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