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Ever Wanted to Karaoke High Up in the Sky? Do It at RedTail by Zouk

Made for the singing enthusiasts, there’s a brand new place to unleash your inner diva and divo this coming September. RedTail by Zouk is introducing a brand new space at Resorts World Genting: RedTail karaoke.

This follows the overwhelming success of RedTail by Zouk which has become the hottest hangout at the resort. Spanning 3000 sq ft in addition to the current gaming bar this is another fun prelude to the highly anticipated Zouk club that is scheduled to open fourth quarter of 2018.

Those who love Xiao Hong, the adorable Red Panda boy mascot will love the RedTail Karaoke design scheme.

Featuring new and fun characters that personify each of the six rooms, visitors can expect fresh new experiences with different themes across Reggae, K-pop, EDM, Rock and the Classics to explore. With a capacity of up to 80 pax, it’s all about having fun with friends and busting out your vocal chops to have the best night of your life.

All rooms are complete with the latest state-of-the-art karaoke equipment, and user-friendly touch screen devices.

The whopping song list totalling more than 100,000 is constantly updated, ranging from oldies to the latest hits. The rooms are decked out with a high fidelity audio-visual and microphone system to get visitors into the mood to channel their inner superstars for the night.

For the hunger pangs, RedTail Karaoke will have your cravings sorted with a snack menu that features Roti De Garlic, garlic butter and cheddar; French fries, caramelised onion and chilli, baked with mozzarella cheese and Chicken Popcorn, cheese sprinkle and spicy mayo.

Booking of tables go by bottle service at minimum of RM100 per head.

RedTail by Zouk is a bar like no other with its package of exciting games including Beer Pong, Electronic Beer Pong, Giant Jenga, and Xbox E-games as the perfect pre-club spot to gear up for the night.

For millennials looking for a perfect drink, look no further as RedTail offers unique concoctions such as Zouk’s signature sour plum shot, the go-to shooter for party-goers in Singapore.

RedTail by Zouk is located at Level G of SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting.

Open every day from 5pm to 3am, the 4,289 sq ft space can host up to 150 guests at a time, RedTail by Zouk offers a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks at its Beer bar as well as a menu of light meals and snacks.

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