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Expensive Modern Art Piece Vandalised By Childish Wanna One Fans

Every KPOP fans love to doodle their favourite idols’ names onto notebooks, tables, walls, etc. But to doodle their names onto a priceless modern art piece is a first!

Recently, a group of immature Wannables doodled Wanna One members’ names onto a piece of priceless artwork which lead to serious damage to the art piece.

This is childish and embarrassing for both Wanna One and Wannables!

According to Koreaboo, an investigation is ongoing on the damage of a sculpture by one of the world’s greatest contemporary artists, Lee Woo Hwan.

Image via Koreaboo

The one of a kind artwork is currently installed in the museum’s outdoor exhibition hall which is a park that is easily accessible to anyone. However, it was found stained with footprints and heavily scratched with members’ names such as ‘Wanna One’, ‘Kang Daniel’ and ‘Lee Jaehwi’. 

It is one of the four sculptures brought in by the museum to honour the opening of Lee Woo Hwan’s exhibition. The sculpture is believed to be worth 700 million won (RM2,541,471.74) when it was first created and it is estimated to be worth even more just before the vandalism took place.

Image via Koreaboo

This is infuriating!

The director of Busan Museum of Art, Kim Sun Hee commented:

“This is a situation caused by lack of awareness of some civilizations about artworks and artists.” 

However, other Wannables seem to be on fire as they are not happy with the fellow Wannables who caused this damage.

Some of them commented: 

“You’re going to be kicking yourselves over later.”

“Do these fans really think acting like this is what true fans do? It’s great that you’re a fan and all but get a basic sense of decency.”

“Please catch them! Please catch these them and make them pay the fees for this.”

“They never realize that stuff like this is an embarrassment for their favourite stars… sigh.”

Thankfully, the art piece has been restored and repaired. The staffs of the museum also put up a notice to prevent any further damage by other people. 

Image via Koreaboo

If you wish to show some love to your idols, this is not the correct way as it will damage the reputation of your favourite idols and you might be charged for vandalism.

If you wish to doddle your idols’ names in the future, please do it on your personal belongings.

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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