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Extra Shows Added to Ola Bola The Musical Season 2!

OlaBola The Musical has been extended for another six days, with the final show on March 10.

The show which is staged at Istana Budaya since Feb 18, will now have eight more additional shows due to overwhelming response from the public.

Its director and producer Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina expressed her excitement on how the audience has been very supportive.

“We are seeing repeat audiences who came to watch the show up to five times last year, and have come back at least twice so far, this year.

“They raved on social media about how they enjoyed all the changes in this year’s performance, especially the energy of the music and choreography.

“I’m so glad to see how people are inspired by the genuine brotherhood and passion of the cast, whom I’m very proud of.

“Our audiences have also been incredibly appreciative and responsive; laughing and applauding so heartily, cheering and screaming for every goal.

“That is exactly the performer-audience chemistry that gives theatre its special magical quality,” she said in a press statement.

From Tuesdays to Sundays, OlaBola The Musical will be staged in the evening at 8pm, but the audience can also catch the 1.45pm slot on Saturdays and Sundays.

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