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Fans Made To Look Twice At How Shocking Super Junior Shindong Looks Like Now

It was only last month when a member of a South Korea’s K-Pop boy group Super Junior — Shindong was criticized and body-shamed by malicious netizens.

image taken from: soompi.com

The particular idol has always been a stood out since the very beginning of their debut days. During the days where there wasn’t much diversity and representative in the K-Pop industry, Shindong was considered unique as he broke the typical stereotype of K-Pop idols.

▲ Despite being larger, Shindong has always been recognized as an outstanding dancer.

Throughout his days as an idol since 2005, Shindong has been a victim of body-shame and critics repetitively, which has led him into multiple weight transformations which some were unhealthy ones.

image taken from: koreaboo.com

Even though Shindong hasn’t gotten any bad comments recently, he immediately promised to his fans that he will be going on a healthy diet to lose weight again after he got body-shamed last month.

And a video posted on his personal Instagram account a day ago caught the fans off-guard! Apparently, Shindong had fulfilled his promise and was seen much thinner!

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It was revealed that the idol whom was 116kg is currently at 99kg and had set his target goal of reaching 75kg.

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아직 끝난거 아니에요~ 절반도 안왔어요!!! #다이어트신동

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The video showed him getting his hair and make up done, but fans immediately got drawn to his sharp jawline which had ultimately made the idol look very handsome and charming. 

Although fans are happy to see his successful transformation, they too hope that he lost the weight in a healthy way.

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