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Fans Of TWICE’S Jihyo and Kang Daniel Went Wild On Twitter Over Dating News

Sorry girls, Oppa is officially off the market!

The famous WannaOne former member is reportedly dating TWICE’s leader, Jihyo. In the statement released by both agency commented :

 “Ji-hyo and Kang Daniel are currently meeting with good feelings for each other,”- JYP Entertainment 

The couple first met through a mutual friend and were dating for almost seven months now. And, their so called “mutual friend” is none other than 2 AM Im Seulong.

Photos of the couple went on a date in the neighbourhood around Hannam dong  spread all over social media.

Previously, K-pop fans went obsessed over K-idol relationship between Jenny of Blackpink and Kai EXO but since the has couple split up, let’s just say they were left bit disappointed but not too long because they now have a new Jenniel couple to ship!

And their fans on Twitter literally went wild with this dating news. Just take a look on all the tweets below:


So, what do you think of our new nation power couple? SHIPPED Jenniel or not?

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