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Fans Spotted Something Wrong with BTS’ V and They’re Worried AF

2018 has got to be the biggest, best and busiest year yet for BTS. With brand new album launches, multiple promotional activities for the many songs, and even a world tour coming up, these boys must be exhausted.

Of course, their hectic schedules have gotten fans pretty concerned but after they noticed this in V at the end of the boys’ IDOL performance at M Countdown has gotten everyone very concerned, Koreaboo wrote.

Apparently, V’s hands were shaking uncontrollably!

Better known as hand tremors, this is a common symptom for many health issues including stress. Regardless of what the condition could be, it isn’t a good sign.

BTS was supposed to have a 1-week rest before they go off on their world tour but decided to do promotional activities for their latest track, IDOL.

In addition to that, they apparently had back-to-back activities too which, according to a fan, they’re most likely running on little to no sleep.

“V Live, early morning pre-recording, morning pre-recording, Soribada Awards rehearsal, M Countdown live recording, and then Soribada performance…

“He was literally running on no sleep for 24 hours.”

Fans were also worried that the boys could not get a good break during their world tour. The only time they could actually rest will be when they’re travelling in between countries.

Even so, it’s difficult to rest well outside of our homes. Hopefully the BTS members can get a breather and not fall sick.

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