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#FindDali: Finally, We Found Dali!

After puzzling netizens in Kuala Lumpur with his creative and witty responses, the face and voice behind Dali was revealed today.

The #FindDali campaign powered by SOCAR comes to fruition with Dali to become the city’s first smart transportation aide giving commuters access to a bank of mobility related information from car loans, cheapest spots to park to petrol prices and spontaneous driving spots for cheap eats.

With Dali by your side, moving around the city and exploring your new favourite lunchtime spots, be it with public transport, car sharing, e-hailing or even your own car, has never been easier.

The #FindDali community platform will be live for public use from September 7, 2018 from 12am onward.

For the past few weeks, billboards, street art and social media posts showcasing Dali with a random question have been popping all over the city.

From rhetorical questions like ‘would you rather brake in traffic or take a break?’ to questions that pique up interest levels such as‘who would free you from your car loans?’, Dali has become a source of entertainment and curiosity for many and has even inspired memes that rhyme with the word Dali.

The question trail lead users to#FindDali, an online platform where they can submit their queries and expect a witty and informative response from Dali interspersed with local humour.

Powered by car-sharing startup SOCAR and its community, Dali is set to become the city’s on call transportation aide providing commuters and multiflexers with resources to make well informed and smarter mobility choices.

Backed byan AI (artificial intelligence) engine and a multiflex community that cares about the future of mobility, the #FindDali interactive platform will provide answers to your daily transport woes.

Along with a strong technology front, the platform is also designed in a manner that encourages multiflexers to kick off their own threads and to use everyday travel experiences to guide other commuters facing similar situations.

Leon Foong, CEO of SOCAR, said,

“To put it simply, Dali is YOU and every other person who is a part of the multiflex transportation matrix. It is a community first platform built for the community of multiflexers and is powered by the community.

“We spend a sizeable amount of time each day lamenting on why we waste so much time on commuting and getting around.

“However things aren’t going to get better if we just internalise this problem.

“With Dali, we want to give people a voice, a voice to change things, a voice to shape the future of mobility by expressing what we truly want and allowing the community to come together to build solutions that will make our cities more liveable.

“SOCAR believes in the power of the collective, and is the tool that allows usto harness the power of that collective.”

The end goal for Dali is to cater to the community at large, assimilating commonly asked questions and coming up with out of the box solutions lending a different perspective to common frustrations and issues faced by urbanites.

“What ultimately differentiates car-sharing and traditional car rental is really the community of multiflexers out there who decide to embrace car-sharing and drive up utilisation of an otherwise under-utilised asset.

“#FINDDALI is our way of giving back to this community and really saying thank you by giving them a voice to shape the future of the cities they live in.

“We’ve seen from recent times that when Malaysians truly believe in a cause, change is possible.

“And with #FINDDALI we hope to all be inspired to build a new Malaysia where traffic, double parking and transportation woes would be largely confined to history and we look forward to welcoming a new age of reliable, affordable and sustainable multi-modal, multi-flexible transportation.”

The #FindDali platform is open to public from September 7, 2018 and is not restricted to only SOCAR members. To use the platform, members can go to and start asking Dali questions.

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