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Follow Malaysia’s Icon of Controversy Nur Sajat in Her Daily Life

Nur Sajat is a local celebrity and entrepreneur, she is also the most talked-about celebrity in Malaysia right now. She has over 1.1 million followers on her Instagram and this definitely proves her popularity regardless of how controversial she is.

She is also xtra’s newest ambassador and she shows out her daily life in tonton original series ‘Nur Sajat Rated xtra’ So, fans can catch a glimpse of how Nur Sajat goes through her everyday life.

Here’s a short synopsis on each episode to get you guys excited.


Episode 2 – Sajat’s Birthday

A day with Sajat celebrating her birthday at her Wisma. See how she received gifts from clients, friends and family. This year Sajat invited a group of Tahfiz school kids to celebrate her birthday with.

High profile celebrities like Fasha Sandha and Dato Aliff was there as well.

The 2nd episode will be airing on 30th March 2018, Friday at 12pm. 


Episode 3 – Baju Raya collection by Sajat + Cliffhanger

Sajat had a meeting session with her vendor regarding purchasing a GST system. After that she met her marketing team to check on the sales of her bengkung.

Then, she showed her ready-to-wear collection followed by a drama where one of her staffs took extra leaves and MCs. What could have possibly happened?!

The 3rd episode will be airing on 4th April 2018, Wednesday at 12pm. 


Episode 4 – Beautician + Cliffhanger

The drama from episode 3 continues then Sajat shows a process of aesthetic cosmetics using her client as her model. See how this lady go around doing her work.

The 4th episode will be airing on 5th April 2018, Thursday at 12pm. 


For all fans of Nur Sajat or viewers, you do not need to worry of missing out any of these episodes, as you can catch all these episodes at Malaysia’s greatest online web portal, tonton!

Just check out tonton’s official website or watch through the app. You can download the app via Google Playstore or Apple Store, then binge your way through all the episodes.

Happy watching, guys!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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