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Former Japanese Footballer Takes on Sake After Retirement

Hidetoshi Nakata first made his name on the soccer pitch, as a member of Japan’s national team and pro teams in Italy.

After many winning matches and football awards, the famous Japanese international footballer finally announced his retirement from the sports industry at the age of 29 on July 3, 2006.

The Japanese’s David Beckham spent his retirement by going on a seven years road trip journey around Japan to get back to the rich traditions that the country has. 

Along the way, he found his one true passion which was sake. The 42 year old now works in  a different field, spreading the allure of Japanese sake around the world.

Sake has been riding along with the boom in Japanese cuisine and exports have doubled over a decade.

To boost those numbers, Nakata has visited more than 350 breweries and founded a company that promotes Japanese culture through sake.

His journey to celebrate the Japanese culture through sake is really fascinating and knowing his efforts, and what he has been through to be where he is right now is an inspiring experience.  

NHK World Japan will be airing an exclusive documentary on Hidetoshi Nakata, Sake to the World on Sunday, April 14 at 15:10. Replays are on the same day at 21:10 and Monday April 15 at 2:10 and 9:10. 

Watch his journey live on tonton and don’t miss out on his stories! 

Written by Fatin Zafirah 

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