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Freda Liu Embraces Girl Power in Her Fifth Book ‘In Your Skin’

The award-winning journalist, Freda Liu is back again with her fifth book; “In Your Skin – Bloom, Flourish, Magnify” was launched on Tuesday, March 5th at TGV One Utama.

‘In Your Skin – Bloom, Flourish, Magnify’ is a collection of inspirational experiences and stories by amazing ladies who have forged their own path and triumphed over their own insecurities.

The French saying goes, être bien dans sa peau which donates that an individual is well or comfortable in their skin. 

The individuals in Freda’s book have come a very long way to get to where they are today despite all the hardship and challenges that they have been through. 

In Freda’s book, these women reveal their personal experiences and how each of them embodied mind, body and spirit on their journey towards becoming comfortable in their own skin.

Freda said, 

“It takes a long time for a lot of people to get truly comfortable in their skin and it has taken a lifetime for me yet the journey continues.

“From choosing the right career path, finding your purpose to how we physically look; how do we get o fulfilment? Can we ever be fulfilled?”

The ideas in this book are derived from Freda’s many reads as well as watching and learning from the people from all walks of life that she has encountered with that can be described as comfortable in their own skin.

Freda also added, 

“There are many challenges from Impostor’s Syndrome and second guessing of our capabilities to the many roles we have to fulfil.

“Women especially are held on higher standards and expectations.

“We need to start embracing the power within us in order to bloom, flourish and magnify the possibilities.

“I want this book to help people feel empowered and recognise the everyday heroes in themselves.”

‘In Your Skin’ is published by MPH Group Publishing and retails at RM24.90. It is available now in all major MPH bookstores and other selected bookstores.

May this book help you become more confident about yourself and help push yourselves beyond boundaries.

Get your copy now and be inspired!

Written by Fatin Zafirah

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