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Kang Ho Dong is a famous comedian in Korea as many might remember him from variety shows like ‘X-Men’, ‘Star King’ and ‘Knowing Bros’.

He is also known for his funny gags and witty jokes that always bring laughter to viewers. But, now Ho Dong has a new plan which is trying out as a K-POP idol!

Woah! We definitely support you, Ho Dong! 

Image via Koreaboo

He became a professional wrestling athlete after high school. He then made his way into the entertainment industry through an audition, and now, here he is – a famous comedian recognised by almost everyone in the world. 

But, in a recent live video session of a newly launched show, ‘For The First Time In My Life’, Ho Dong revealed that he wants to try to become a K-POP idol.

Image via Koreaboo

Ho Dong then said in the live video: 

“I want to sing good songs on stage that my fans can enjoy. I’d love to be praised too.” 

In the live video, one of the guests, TEEN TOP‘s Niel picked both Ho Dong and Han Hyun Min as “Most Likely to Rock as a K-Pop Idol”. He also gave Ho Dong some supportive words, as he said that:

“If Kang Ho Dong lost weight, he could easily be the cutest member.”

Image via Dramabeans

Besides, Ho Dong has never been shy to show off his dance moves. As seen from ‘Knowing Bros’ and ‘Star King’, he had always done a bit of dance covers of other idol group’s choreography.

Although the dance cover might be hilarious to watch, if we look closely, his dance moves are actually on point! Gotta admit, Ho Dong has good dancing skills!

Image via Soompi

He also mentioned that he will try to lose some weight if he gets the chance to debut as a K-Pop idol. He said:

“If I challenge myself to do this, I think it could inspire other people my age to pursue their dreams.” 

Everyone has a dream and age is not a problem! Why not make our dream come true before we regret?

Fans and viewers will definitely give Ho Dong full support if he really were to debut as a K-POP idol. We can’t wait to see him pursue his dream on the new show.

Fighting, Kang Ho Dong!

Written by: Chan Suet Yee

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