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G-Dragon Accused of Getting Special Treatment but Military Denies Allegations

Many famous celebrities have often been accused of receiving preferential treatment during their service in the army. Well, Big Bang’s G-Dragon is no different since he is such a high profile person.

While in the army in the past few months, he’s made multiple headlines for reasons outside of his control.

Just recently, he was accused of being treated extra well during his stay in the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital due to his ankle injure, Koreaboo wrote.

Unreliable news source, Dispatch, accused the Big Bang member of staying in a luxury room meant for ranks Colonel and above.

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G-Dragon is currently a Private First Class which is the second lowest rank in the system. Apparently, Dispatch also stated that his room contains air conditioning, a refrigerator and television which the normal eight-people rooms do not have.

Dispatch also made a ludicrous statement that only his room has a bathroom while the normal rooms do not. Perhaps they were trying to stretch out the fact that G-Dragon has a private bathroom while the normal rooms require the room occupants to share one.

Dispatch also reported that a ‘witness’ saw that G-Dragon received a visitor past allowed visitation hours which is 11am to 5pm.

The ‘witness’ who was apparently also a soldier allegedly said,

“I saw someone that seemed to be his manager stay past 5pm.”

Example photo of the wards inside Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital | Source: Koreaboo

A day after this blatant and baseless accusation was written, Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital released a statement regarding this issue. The military representative’s words clearly explained why G-Dragon was placed in a private room but was not given any special treatment at all.

The military representative told the press,

“There isn’t a luxury suit at the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital.

“G-Dragon was admitted to a one-person room. Colonels use the one-person rooms but even privates who requires special care or stability through isolation are allowed to stay in these rooms.

“Even low rank soldiers who have severe snoring stay in these rooms.

“There are air conditioning, TVs, and refrigerators in common hospital rooms too.”

Obviously, assigning him into a separate room was for his safety from unethical journalists like Dispatch.

“G-Dragon was assigned to the one-person room because there was a request to protect his private information.”

Source: Kpoptify

Meanwhile, the hospital also did their investigations into the visitor staying past allowed hours and confirmed that it was not true either.

“We checked with the security and there was no visitor after 5pm.”

Lastly, the representative wanted to reiterate that no one, regardless of their status outside of the military, receives any preferential treatment.

“It’s impossible for a private to receive special treatment because they are a famous celebrity. The Ministry of National Defense is currently looking over the facts and will announce their official statement soon.”

Hopefully, action will be taken against such irresponsible reports.

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